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Custom Design and Quotes

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EzyBlox -Custom Designs by LICENSED BUILDER and Shed Safe Accredited design Consultant.


At EzyBlox we are committed to providing complete up to date and fully costed solutions for your Project that comply with all Federal, State and Local building requirements. 


Some Cyclonic and Terrain Category 1 designs require an engineering assessment to quote accurately.

There are costs involved in getting a 100% accurate solution which is why it can be difficult to get a quote.


Projects like these are often turned away by many companies due to the time and cost involved in quoting!

Not at EzyBlox though – we want to help and we have a solution that gets you a written accurate quote in just a few days.

Fully customised quote with elevation drawing and plan for $279.00


Plus the $279.00 comes off the quoted price of the Shed or Steel Structure.


On time and accurate answers - with professionals who know what they are doing.

That’s the EzyBlox way!