Why can't we just give you a price RIGHT NOW ?

Why can't we just give you a price RIGHT NOW ?

 A lot of us here at Ezyblox, probably like yourself, spend a lot of time on Facebook etc and on shed forums. On lot's of ads, and in a lot of forums, the single most asked question is.....

"Why can't you just post a price on the shed in the picture" - OR... Alternatively "Why do you need my details to give me a price?"

Believe me, it's not because we want to know everything about you!

Quoting a price on a shed is not as simple as throwing a price out there. There are quite a few factors at play, and to get it RIGHT and to make sure we are not underquoting or overquoting, we need a couple of important pieces of information to make sure you get exactly what you want or need (and that will pass your councils approval processes.

Have a quick listen to Scott the owner of Ezyblox explain why.  Click the video below to play it. 


If you are keen to get a quote from our experienced design team, or to discuss wind ratings and design, please let us know via the form below.


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