What Does ShedSafe Mean?

What does Shed Safe Mean?

 EzyBlox Sheds only supplies 100% Genuine Bluescope steel products.

The dirty little secret of the shed industry is that not all Shed Safe Sheds use Australian Made Steel.

Shed Safe means that imported steel is fine provided the steel meets Australian standards. This isn’t supporting the Australian steel industry though!

You can check out our owner Scott talking about this dirty little secret of the Shed Industry on our YouTube channel.

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At EzyBlox we offer 2 types of Sheds & Steel Structures. Australian Made sheds that are Shed Safe compliant (using genuine BlueScope Steel) and Australian made sheds that are just as heavy, just as strong but are engineered for your property without the shed safe tag to save you around 10-20% on the Kit cost. Our EzyBlox sheds are just as good, just as heavy (often heavier!) and are made from Genuine BlueScope steel. Ask your EzyBlox consultant for more information or a quote on both options!

The EzyBlox way is integrity based & we only use Bluescope Steel

We use 100% Genuine, Australian Made, BlueScope COLORBOND® Steel for all of our DIY shed kits.

All our D.I.Y shed Kits are Fully Engineered and Council Compliant, Designed to Australian Climate and Conditions!

Each shed kit comes with a 20-year Warranty, backed directly by BlueScope Steel- the largest and oldest steel maker in Australia!