Collection: Double Garage Sheds

High-Quality Double Garage Sheds Crafted from Genuine Colorbond Steel.

These are 100% Australian steel and not imported.

Discover our premium range of DOUBLE GARAGE SHED KITS, all meticulously constructed from 100% authentic Colorbond steel. Elevate your storage solutions with our innovative designs, offering not just durability, but also the versatility of 2 access doors either on the side or the gable end of the structure as standard. With ample space to accommodate a minimum of 2 vehicles, these double garage sheds are the ultimate storage and security solution.

Experience Convenience and Affordability with Complete Kit Packages – We also install.

Our double garage shed kits provide an unbeatable combination of convenience, security, and value. Each package is carefully curated to meet your needs, ensuring a hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep. As a standard feature, every kit includes 2 roller doors, each measuring 2000mm in height and 2600mm in width, perfectly situated at the gable end or side wall.

Tailored to Your Needs, at No Additional Cost – we can modify in any way you like or use our selection of variants within the listing to customise yours and buy now to save money.

Plus its delivered in few weeks – Not a few Months! 

Customization is our specialty, and we're pleased to offer tailor-made sizes at no extra charge for design work. Can't find your preferred specifications here? Simply reach out through our quick-response contact form below. Whether it's windows, doors, or any other modification you desire, we have you covered.

EzyBlox: Your Trusted Source for Authentic Australian-Made Steel Structures

Experience the unparalleled assurance of 100% Australian-made steel structures available for direct purchase through our website. Say goodbye to intermediaries, resellers, and uncertainties. EzyBlox proudly offers genuine BlueScope Colorbond Steel products sourced directly from our Australian-based factory. 

Unrivalled Strength and Durability

Unlike our inferior competitors, all our Garages and Sheds are meticulously bolted together, ensuring robustness and durability that can withstand various loads, including hoists and solar panels. Our superior design incorporates C and Z purlins ranging from 100mm to 400mm, enabling expansive spans, larger structures, and unmatched stability.

Choose Your Roofing and Cladding Finish – Vertical or horizontal – we can do it.

Select from our range of three attractive roofing and cladding options: Custom Orb, Trimdek, and Lo-Rib. All options feature .42 BMT thickness, seamlessly complementing the super-strong frame within.

Effortless DIY Assembly – for those that want to build themselves our kits are the best to build. These are the preferred choice of builders and professionals all over Australia.

Experience the simplicity of our D.I.Y Shed solution. Our kits arrive pre-punched, pre-drilled, and pre-folded. Enjoy a streamlined assembly process without compromising on quality.

Upgrade your storage game with our Double Garage Sheds, meticulously designed from genuine Colorbond Steel. Explore the convenience, strength, and customization options that make EzyBlox your top choice. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards superior storage solutions.

Upgrades to Cyclonic and Class 1A habitable can DEFINETELY be accommodated.