The COLORBOND® Shed Facts.

There are plenty of imitations but only one original. - Genuine COLORBOND steel is the best option for your home, shed kit, carport kit and garage kit. 

Why COLORBOND® steel for your DIY shed kit?

  • It's made for long life performance. COLORBOND® Steel's superior oven-baked finish resists chipping, peeling and cracking. It's low maintenance, corrosion resistant, non-combustible and termite resistant. This is very important for shed kits in Australia. 
  • It provides design flexibility. Sheds made from COLORBOND® Steel come in a range of designs with excellent spanning capabilities, requiring minimal posts and rafters.
  • You can match your roof colour. Choosing genuine COLORBOND® steel for your shed kit, garage and/or carport is the only way to ensure a perfect colour match with your COLORBOND® steel roof.
  • There are plenty of colour choices. COLORBOND® steel is available in 22 designer colours.
  • If a shed company is offering only 5 colour choices, they do not sell genuine Colorbond sheeting. It is likely to be imported steel thats been roll formed locally and passed off as "Australian Made"

When you purchase COLORBOND® steel you are buying products made and backed by BlueScope Steel, one of Australia’s largest manufacturers!

The Colorbond pallete has been expanded in 2022 with THREE new colours, Dover White, Southerly and Bluegum. Not all components are yet available in the new colours. 

Colorbond Colours 2022-2023