Our Process - The EZY way!

The NEW way of adding a Shed or Steel Building.

In the old days you would ring 5 companies, you might get 3 to show up, 1 wouldn't even bother returning the quote and the 2 prices you do get would be totally different. How is that helping? It adds to confusion and makes the idea of completing your dream home a nightmare. You are now more confused than ever, have no idea what you should pay and can't get straight answers.  

Save Time and Money! Build your D.I.Y Shed or Steel Structure the EzyBlox way!

EzyBlox have quoted, designed and built thousands of projects over many years. We took that experience as well as the feedback from so many great people we have worked for and asked ourselves what can we do to improve the way our clients choose a D.I.Y Shed Kit.  

This is that solution..

Our website has been designed to give you instant and accurate quotations for a massive range of Steel Buildings. Hundreds of pre-priced options quoted accurately for all applications. Our process is simple and its simple because we have the experience and time in the industry to make this process simple. 

Its your hard earned money so lets make sure you get the biggest bang for buck possible, reduce wasted time and have a clear and accurate answer to move forward with. 

  So what's next? 

1.Go through our extensive product range of D.I.Y Shed, Carports and Garage Kits and  and find the option you like. 

2. All of our products are pre-priced! Which means you are looking at a complete D.I.Y Kit cost right now. No more waiting for a quote!

3. Yes - we can move posts, adjust height, mix and match colours, add awnings - Just about anything you can think of. Nothing is too hard. Our system is designed for efficiency and cost savings for you!

Despite some of the misinformation a lot of other companies spread - Sheds and Steel Buildings shouldn't be complicated and the majority of what we supply rarely ever changes in price once we discuss the project details with you. 

If you need a custom design - Just Contact Us and 1 of our team will work with you ensure 100% accuracy!