Why Choose a D.I.Y Option?

Is DIY the best option for me?
At the end of the day you know your own capability, but keep in mind, D.I.Y has come a long way from having a pile of steel land in your front yard with minimal information to assist. We have seen some of our customers do such quality work with our kits, we're sure you will ace it too!
In most cases, it costs about 50% of the material cost to have a product installed by a professional. That means a $10,000 Building will cost you about $5,000 to have installed. If the whole project is being done by one company, you could see the $10,000 building cost you upwards of $20,000 supplied and installed. That is big money! 
So how can we save you thousands? By helping you build you build your new structure yourself! We do this with the following. 
  1. Quality materials that are pre-cut, pre-punched and ready to bolt together. No welding, folding or fabrication on-site, this is all done for you by us before we send the kit!
  2. Complete and detailed information to assist with your building approvals- all our kits come with plans, drawings and certificates for each state.
  3. Step-by-Step Installation Guides as well as supporting videos and an on call team of building experts to answer your questions!
  4. If you can build a Swedish furniture set, you can probably build a shed. You just need time and patience! 

EzyBlox are designed for D.I.Y!