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Customised Shed Quote-EB

Customised Shed Quote-EB

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At EzyBlox sheds and Steel structures, we offer a custom quote service to help get your project on track and on budget.

We completely understand the frustration you can feel when trying to get quotes for your dream shed or steel structure project and the companies you are calling don’t want to assist.

It’s true that as our industry is extremely busy many companies are prioritising simple and easy quotes instead.

But we have a solution…

The Custom Shed Quote is designed to get your unusual or large design quoted as accurately as possible and to help you make a decision on direction.

To give you answers.

The Custom Shed Quote is applicable for all Class 1A sheds or shed homes as well as sheds larger than 100m2 or having unusual shapes.

The best part is the cost of the quote comes off the total price of the project should you decide to move ahead.

EzyBlox sheds and Steel Structures can provide a building solution anywhere in the country

Fast & accurate answers are our specialty.

Depending on the complexity of the design a plan may be provided with the quote.

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